I had the pleasure to photograph Frank Barron from Cake Boy Paris at his neighborhood in Le Marais.

Frank immediately knew he wanted to take me to two of his favorite Parisian spots. First, we headed to the farmers market on boulevard Richard Lenoir. For anyone who has visited Paris, it will be nearly impossible to walk into a farmers market without letting out a few “oohhhhs” and “aahhhhs.”

For Frank there is nothing like open-air markets–farm fresh veggies, fruits, and flowers - This Market in particular, is an integral part of his life in Paris.

While he’ll usually get his flowers at the market he also loves to stop at L’Artisan Fleuriste. This breathtaking flower shop uses flowers from the South of France as well as Brittany. I have never seen such beautiful flowers before.

After shopping and exploring what the market and local shops had to offer, it was time to move on to his charming & perfectly curated apartment for some delicious baking. His adorable apartment in Marais is a true charmer and I was thrilled to watch the cake ~sculpting ~ happen right before my very eyes, and to capture it all on camera.
People that compliment each other in personality or skill create the most thoughtful end results, so, together with his equally lovely cake sister Jennifer who was visiting from Australia, they created the most beautiful vanilla layer cake with strawberry buttercream frosting! Topped with wild strawberries and tiny flowers.

In addition to being photogenic and just plain charming, Frank is funny, sophisticated and genuinely lovely person. It was such a pleasure to get to know him.
Be sure to check his website to read more about his story, and I love his Instagram too! I hope you like the pictures.

Happy Weekend my lovelies!