Each beautiful portrait I create begins with a portrait planning consultation. This is a great time to get to know me and for me to learn about you and what you have in mind for your portrait session.

Locations are generally outdoors but can also be in your home. garden or any place you love.

Most sessions take place close to sunset due to the amazing quality of light at that time. Have you ever noticed the lovely warm glow that the sky gets about an hour before sunset?

I prefer to start shooting about one and a half or two hours before the sunset sets to take advantage of that. Late afternoon in the winter, or early evening in the summer, work best.

High noon, when the light is harsh and too bright is not a good time for your session. I have a variety of lighting tricks, but it is hard to work when people have to squint because the sun is so bright.

Portrait sessions generally last 60 minutes. The most important thing is to have fun!

Ready to Begin?